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September 12, 2019, macOS 10.15 Catalina notice DO NOT UPDATE AT THIS TIME

Do not update at this time to Apple's macOS version 10.15 Catalina on mission critical systems where you are using tools like BRU PE or BRU Server to perform data backup operations.  If you choose to install macOS 10.15 Catalina and run into issues with a BRU software solution, our only guidance will be that you revert the system to 10.14 or earlier and not upgrade to 10.15 until TOLIS Group have made our official 10.15 compatibility statement.

ArGest® LTO Tape & Disk Storage

ArGest® M&E
DAM/MAM Solutions

ArGest® Backup Software Powered by BRU™

ArGest® BRU Producer's Edition
Software provides easy, drag-and-drop creative artist session archives that  cover all your and your client deliverables needs.  For macOS systems.

ArGest® Ingest™ and IngestPRO™

Ingest all software provides an easy to use tool for ingesting BRU, LTFS, and tar tapes as well as disk and camera cards onto your macOS system.

ArGest® TOLIS Tape Tools™
Software provides data migration utilities that enable the creation/transfer of the contents of any tar, cpio, or pax-formatted tape onto a macOS system.  TOLIS Tape Tools is available separately, or is included with your BRU PE or ArGest® Ingest/Pro software purchase.

ArGest® BRU Server™

Linux and macOS client/server software with clients for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Unix systems provides true client/server expansively configurable hands off backup, archival, and restore operations across your network no matter the number of machines or OS type in use.  Extensive GUI controls for  ease of use. ArGest® BRU Server™ also provides the backbone of our ArGest® DAM/MAM solutions.

BRU™ Workstation/Desktop CLI

Looking for Linux or Unix command line backup?  BRU™ Core provides the fast BRU™ I/O Core engine for your command line backups.

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