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PLEASE READ: Very Important Information for BRU PE™ Version 3.x or 2.x Licensed Users:

If you have an active extended support plan for BRU PE™ 3.x for macOS v2.x or v3.x, the update to ArGest® Backup 4.x for macOS is free as part of your active extended support coverage.  Please contact brusales to request your new license for ArGest® Backup Producer's Edition™ v4.x.  Do NOT install 4.x unless you have received your 4.x license as you cannot license the 4.x version with a BRU PE 2.x or 3.x license.


If you wish to crossgrade from macOS to Linux or Windows, please contact brusales for the crossgrade information.


BRU PE™ v3.x or v2.x are NOT compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15).  You will need a license for ArGest® Backup v4.x for use on 10.15 Catalina.


If you do NOT have an active extended support contract in place on your BRU PE v2.x or v3.x license, please contact your reseller or brusales for pricing information for the ArGest® Backup 4.x upgrade.



ArGest® Backup v4.0.8.317 Download for macOS 10.11 through 10.15 (Catalina)

   Version post date May 7, 2020


• For users of licensed macOS PE v2.x or v3.x products, please see the yellow box above for information about using ArGest® Backup PE v4.x.


ArGest® Backup v4.0.8.317 Download for Windows 7, 8, and 10

   Version post date May 7, 2020



ArGest® Backup v4.0.8.317 Download for 64bit Linux with GTK3+

   Version post date May 7, 2020





ArGest® Backup User Guide

Instructions from download, to install, to first backup, to first restore.  Includes QuickStart Guide.


TOLIS Tape Tools Manual

User Guide for the included TOLIS Tape Tools license (located in the PE IMG in your applications folder).


ArGest® Backup BRU™ Producer's Edition Catalog information

The ArGest® Backup Producer's Edition™ catalog, how it is formatted and tips on how to utilize the information outside of ArGest® Backup.


ArGest® Backup BRU™ Software EULA




ArGest® Backup Datasheet

ArGest Mobile Editing Solutions Datasheet

Complete BRU Server with DAM/MAM Solutions Datasheet

TOLIS Tape Tools Datasheet


Supported Tape Devices: Including ArGest® Standalone and Automation/Library Models


Product Videos and Tutorials


Product Review



LEGACY BRU PE™ version 3.x and 2.x PRODUCTS:


BRU PE 3.x DOWNLOAD BRU_PE_3.2.6.80.dmg

This is the last build of BRU PE 3.x and does not support Catalina (10.15)


BRU PE 3.x User Guide

Complete instructions from download, to install, to first backup, to first restore.  Includes QuickStart Guide.


PE 2.x and 3.x README


PE 2.x and 3.x EULA


BRU PE 2.x User Guide

User guide for older 2.x version of PE.



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