Length of Backup Time to Tape Calculator

In order to use this calculator, you need to know the following about about backup scenario:

  • Amount of data that you're backing up.  This calculator includes the BRU overhead.  If you have visited the Tape Backup Archive Size Calculator, do not enter the total you received from that page, doing so will cause the overhead will be added twice, thus giving you an incorrect number.
  • The Average speed of your tape drive in MB/Sec.  See the Tape Performance Figures table for more information about various tape drives and their native top speed.
  • The native tape capacity for your tapes. If you don't know the native capacity for your tapes, visit the Tape Performance Figures table for information about various native tape capacities.

Fill in the blanks as explained. No commas in the numbers please.  Decimals are allowed.

Size of backup (amount of data): MB GB TB PB
Average Speed of Drive in MB/Sec: Note: LTO-5 native speed is 140 MB/sec. and LTO-6 is 160 MB/sec
Native tape data capacity:
Example: LTO-6 is 2.5TB, LTO-5 is 1.5TB & LTO-4 is 800GB

Calculate WITH Verify time added.

Calculate WITHOUT Verify time added.


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