BRU Workstation for Linux/Unix

BRU Workstation Features At A Glance

BRU Workstation 18.0 Backup & Restore Utility is the functionally rich backup solution designed for commercial networked systems. Available to support a multitude of platforms, BRU Workstation protects data via NFS, AFS, SMB, and NetAtalk mounted filesystems.

BRU Workstation delivers proven data verification and error detection and recovery to assure that your data is protected, accessible, and able to be restored exactly to your specifications.

  • Support of single archives of up to 8 Exabytes (8,388,608 GB) in size.
  • Encryption Module add-on available for encrypted BRU archives written to disk and any tape technology.
  • Enhanced I/O designed to increase overall speed as well as deliver even faster speeds when using the latest tape technologies.

Protect Your Data With BRU

Have you ever-experienced aborted restores? The primary reason that data cannot be recovered is simple - the backup was not good.

Using BRU, you'll know upfront the status of the backup — not when the data is needed the most at a critical time later. BRU employs mechanisms that allow you to verify the accuracy of the backup, either immediately following the backup, or off-line to shorten the backup window. You can even verify your backups on a different system! Knowing your backup is accurate provides peace-of-mind that you can successfully recover your data.

After the backup has been verified and is archived, data bits can still become corrupt. BRU comes to the rescue again. Should bad data be detected during a restore, BRU attempts to re-read it. If unreadable after multiple passes (user defined), BRU reports the error location, advances the tape, and continues to read until good data is found. BRU then continues the recovery, returning the maximum amount of data without summarily aborting the recovery process like other backup applications.

What Our Customers Say About BRU:

“Just thought I'd let you know that I installed the new software, did the quick config, and ran my original shell file I had created in '99 and it is backing up while I'm writing this. I feel I made a good choice by just upgrading. Thanks for your help and thanks for keeping the company alive and the BRU software around.”
Tom Swenson, CTO
“We have been using BRU for nearly 5 years and it has performed flawlessly for us. The fact of the matter is BRU is the only backup program that I have ever been able to say that about! I am especially pleased that BRU survived the changes and the demise of EST. It would be very hard to replace BRU.”
Ted Staberow, Network Administrator, School District 45
Villa Park, IL
“Thanks BRU, The down side of being the primary Linux advocate at my small (20 people) engineering firm is that I got elected to be the 'IS' department. About a month ago my company moved to a new office. The move went fine, that is until Sunday afternoon... Our Linux file server that had been running almost non-stop for the last year started making funny hard drive noises. About an hour later the drive was total toast. One of the company's owners wives picked up a new harddrive at the mall just before they closed, and I started to really wish that I had tried that test restore to see if BRU really worked. I'm happy to say I still have my job, BRU came through for me with out a single problem. I am a definate believer now.”
Gary James, Sr Software Engineer, Critical Link LLC
Syracuse, NY
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