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Introducing one stop shopping for software and hardware bundles — everything you need in one convenient bundle to protect your data. All bundles include BRU software, tape device, ATTO Technology HBAs, necessary cables and accessories, and even media to get you started; tested and guaranteed!

Need a different model or have some of the hardware pieces and need others?  Ask us for pricing.  Need more media? We sell that, too!

TOLIS Group does not sell gray market,e refurbished, or un-registered refurbished items as this can lead to issues with the manufacturer when hardware support is required.  All hardware items are brand new factory stock.

TOLIS Group recommends adding a power protective uninterruptible power supply to your bundle.  TOLIS Group sells Tripp Lite brand UPSs, please ask us to add this device to your quote.

LTO-5 Parallel SCSI Note: Starting with LTO-5 a Parallel SCSI version will not be manufactured and therefore is not available.  LTO-5 is available in SAS and Fibre Channel only.

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