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Scottsdale, AZJuly 22, 2009 — TOLIS Group, Inc. today announces the immediate availability of the new BRU Server 2.0 network backup solution that represents an unparalleled upgrade to the BRU Server line. Packed with new features, the more responsive, more flexible, more user friendly product is available to support networks of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and many other Unix-platform systems. Enhanced functionality is delivered across multiple platforms.

Major enhancements include the totally redesigned BRU Server Management GUI which is identical in functionality on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux systems, brand new client-level user initiated backup and restore functions that do not require administrator intervention, an optional blazingly fast Encryption Module add-on for encrypted backups using any archival hardware, full support of a 100% Windows environment with the BRU Server bruAPP Backup Appliance, and much more!

"We have strived to provide new features as requested by our customers both large and small," said Tim Jones, President and CTO. "Client initiated backup and restore was the number one request for desktop systems. We're also very excited by the addition of our software based encryption which allows for the creation of secure archives using any archival device rather than only the latest tape hardware."

Archives are still backwards compatible with all previous BRU Server versions, and as with previous versions, are also recoverable by any BRU product, on any platform BRU supports. The BRU Server 2.0 license once purchased may be used into perpetuity, regardless of the amount of data being protected. BRU Server 2.0 continues its support of D2D, D2D2T and D2T scenarios utilizing SAS, SCSI, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, USB or FireWire devices of any size.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce the availability of Tape drive and Library bundles. Consisting of BRU Server software, SCSI or SAS HBAs, cables, media and HP tape drives and libraries, the new BRU Server hardware bundles provide a single point for purchasing a complete BRU Server backup and archival solution that is fully tested for compatibility and supported directly on both Mac OS X and Linux Systems. From USB-based DAT drives to large scale libraries supporting multiple drives and 96 tape slots, the TOLIS Group HP tape bundles makes choosing a tape-based solution easy.

BRU Server 2.0 is available in 3 base configurations that can be tailored to fit any size environment. Pricing starts at $599 and BRU Server customers with current support plans will be upgraded to the new version at no additional cost.

BRU Server is the flagship product in TOLIS Group's family of backup and archival solutions including: bruAPP Backup Appliance, bruCLONE for Mac OS X cloning and system disaster recovery, BRU Producer's Edition (PE), BRU LE for Mac OS X, BRU Workstation and BRU Desktop.


TOLIS Group is dedicated to provided leading edge native Unix, Linux and Apple Mac OS X data backup, archival and restore software, tape drives and automation, and backup appliance solutions that deliver unparalleled reliability and excellent value to organizations and OEMs. The service marks of "Backup You Can Trust" and "BRU...Because it's the Restore That Matters" guide every aspect of TOLIS Group's business. Contact TOLIS Group at PH: 1-480-505-0488, E-mail: , or View the specialized BRU Producer's Edition solution on the Web at:

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