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LTO Media LTO-5 through LTO-8

TOLIS Group only recommends the use of archival quality (BaFe formulation) tape media.  The formulations of these brands are the gentlest and will drastically reduce tape head wear on your tape unit.


TOLIS Group sells archival quality tape media that is pre-barcoded for LTO-5 through LTO-7.  LTO-8 media due to shortages may be blank and not pre-barcoded.  Media with specified sequence barcodes is also available in boxes of 20 (please allow additional delivery time for specified sequence media).


LTO-8 media (12TB native) pricing:

$152.50 each


LTO-7 media (6TB native) pricing:

1-19 $63.25 each, 20-49 $61.25 each, 50+$59.25 each


LTO-6 media (2.5TB native) pricing:

1-99 $29.75 each


LTO-5 media (1.5TB native) pricing

1-9 $22.25 each



An important note about tape capacity:


When considering media requirements for your tape-based backup operations, you must always use the Native Capacity rating for all tape technologies. Most tape device and media manufacturers market their technologies based upon a mythical 2:1 compression value — meaning that for every two bytes of data in a file on your disk, only one byte of space is required on the tape.


Unfortunately, this 2:1 value is almost impossible to achieve unless you are working with a specially defined set of files where the contents contain enough repetitive data elements to allow the compression algorithms to combine them to conserve space on the storage media. For even the best of day to day environments, that number is impossible to achieve.


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