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BRU Server
BRU Server
BRU Workstation for Unix/Linux
BRU Workstation
bruCLONE for Mac OS X
bruCLONE for Mac OS X
BRU Desktop for Unix/Linux
BRU Desktop
BRU PE for Mac OS X
BRU Producer's Edition
TOLIS Tape Tools for Mac OS X
TOLIS Tape Tools
Hardware Chip
bruAPP/OS Logo
bruAPP Backup Appliance


TOLIS Group offers several whitepapers that are available to you free of charge. They can be found on each of the product document pages as well as the TOLIS Group Whitepapers page.

End-of-Life Products:

BRU Pro, BRU Personal Edition ("BRU-PE" — Not to be confused with "BRU PE" or BRU Producer's Edition), BRU 16.0 and earlier, and BRU Server v1.2.0 and earlier are all considered at End-of-Life. We no longer support these products in any way. Please contact BRU Sales for information about upgrading your product at: .

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