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BRU PE Software Downloads 30 day Demo/Licensed Product User

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This is the only page from which you can download BRU PE applications without filling out the fill out form.  Press ⌘-D to bookmark.


September 12, 2019, macOS 10.15 Catalina notice DO NOT UPDATE AT THIS TIME

Do not update at this time to Apple's macOS version 10.15 Catalina on mission critical systems where you are using tools like BRU PE or BRU Server to perform data backup operations.  If you choose to install macOS 10.15 Catalina and run into issues with a BRU software solution, our only guidance will be that you revert the system to 10.14 or earlier and not upgrade to 10.15 until TOLIS Group have made our official 10.15 compatibility statement.

BRU PE 3.x Version  Download for macOS 10.6.5 through 10.14

   Version post date June 14, 2019


• For users of licensed 3.x products, this will install right over your existing 3.x installation and is automatically licensed by the update.  Please do NOT uninstall your previous 3.x version.


• For non-licensed PE users, this will be your 30 day demo for backup, the restore functionality never expires.


• For users with version 2.x licenses, please see notes in yellow box below.


BRU PE for Linux and Windows

Request to be added to the availability announcement list at or ask to be part of the beta testing, now in progress.


Coming Soon


Very Important Note for BRU PE Version 2.x Series Licensed Users (Serial Sequences of 8251-xxxx):

If you have not requested/received your 3.x license (if you have an active support plan the update is free) do NOT install 3.x as you cannot license the 3.x version with a BRU PE 2.x license. Please contact your reseller or for information on upgrading if your support contract has lapsed.


If you are looking for the 2.x version download (final release was version 2.3.6 with 2.3.8 GUI), please contact TOLIS Group Support to request the link.  A 2.x license is a serial number beginning with the digits 8251 and will be in the following format 8251-xxxx.


If you are currently running BRU PE on a PowerPC system or a version of OSX older than 10.6.5, you will not be able to upgrade to BRU PE 3 as it is for Intel-based Mac systems running 10.6.5 - 10.13.


BRU PE 3.x User Guide

Complete instructions from download, to install, to first backup, to first restore.  Includes QuickStart Guide.


TOLIS Tape Tools Manual

User Guide for the included TOLIS Tape Tools license (located in the PE DMG in your applications folder).


BRU PE Catalog information

The PE catalog, how it is formatted and tips on how to utilize the information outside of BRU PE.






BRU PE 2.x User Guide

User guide for older 2.x version of PE.


PE Datasheet


Product Videos and Tutorials


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