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BRU™ Software Supported Tape Devices

BRU software supports almost all tape devices out of the box as long as the HBA/Switch/Thunderbolt connection being used is properly supported by your OS.  Because it is impossible to list all supported tape models individually, in some cases only the manufacturer of the actual tape device itself is listed.  Your unit may be a differently branded unit, however, as long as the tape device inside the unit is made by one of the manufacturers listed below, it is supported unless otherwise noted.



Customers have consistently reported troubling hardware issues with various Thunderbolt solutions that are not the ArGest® solutions.  These issues are due to hardware incompatibility, firmware incompatibility, or in some cases, quality issues.  ArGest® bundles do not suffer from these issues and are all fully tested for maximum reliability, quiet operation, proper operation, and speed.


Are there any specific models that are not supported?

The Quantum Superloader 3 (SL3) is not a supported tape device due to a history of problematic hardware issues.  These are hardware based issues that cannot be overcome with software, therefore, the SL3 is not supported.


If you are concerned about your specific model's compatibility, please contact for model support verification.




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