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BRU for OEM and System Integrator Partners


For OEM and System Integrators, BRU offers a ready to use solution for backup, archival, and media sharing.  Easily supporting most programming languages and maintaining a very small footprint on your system, your application can include direct to tape operations on macOS, Linux, Windows, and most current Unix variants.


Directly compatible with the standard tar command line options, it's very easy to implement backup / restore and archival functionality that your customers can depend on today, and many years into the future.


Our engineering staff will work with your team to provide the knowledge and support required to implement BRU within your product and you can choose whether you wish to be the 1st tier of support or if you wish TOLIS Group's proven support structure to provide the support required by your customers.


In additional to the BRU engine,  BRU high-level products - BRU Server™, BRU PE™, and TOLIS Tape Tools™ - can be customized to your specifications for vendor and contact information and the GUI tools can be customized with your color scheme and logos depending on your needs.


For more information, please contact our OEM team at +1-480-505-0488, or


Let BRU bring Backup You Can Trust℠ to your solutions.



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