Backup, Archival, and Storage Solutions for the Real World

TOLIS Group, Inc.'s ArGest® solutions deliver easy to use backup, restore, and archival tools designed for the special needs of the Media & Entertainment Industry.  Available solutions include software only options, software with LTO and/or SSD or HDD RAID combinations, Digital Asset Management (DAM/MAM) configurations, as well as archive restore and creation services.

ArGest® BRU Producer's Edition (PE)
Software provides easy, drag-and-drop creative artist session archives that  cover all your and your client deliverables needs.  Includes TOLIS Tape Tools.

ArGest® Ingest™ and IngestPRO™

Software provides an easy to use tool for ingesting BRU, LTFS, and tar tapes as well as disk and camera cards onto your Mac OS X system.

ArGest® TOLIS Tape Tools™
Software provides data migration utilities that enable the creation/transfer of the contents of any tar, cpio, or pax-formatted tape onto a Mac OS X system.  TOLIS Tape Tools is available separately, or is included with your BRU PE or ArGest® Ingest/Pro software purchase.

ArGest® BRU Server™ for M&E

Linux and Mac OS X software provides true client/server expansively configurable hands off backup, archival, and restore operations across your network no matter the number of machines in use.  ArGest® BRU Server™ also provides the backbone of our ArGest® DAM/MAM solutions.